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The meanings of these shirts are to your own discretion. Our explaination is just a suggestion.

Human Visions T-shirts are made of cotton and are sold for 20$

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Model: Advertising Space For Sale

This design is self-explainatory. When people wear a brand name on their chest, they give free publicity to these companies. Where do they get the drive to do so ?

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Model: World's Worst Enemy

McDonald's restaurants are the very emblem of globalisation. Their strategies have nasty repercutions on health, environment, deforestation and culture.

Clic HERE to read more about it.

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Model: Trademark TM

This design comes from the fact that many people wear brand names in big letters on their chest. Why do they do that? Might aswell wear them all at once with our TRADEMARK TM shirt.

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Model: Don't Clone Me !

This design tell you about our opinion on cloning.

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Who, apart from W. Bush and his violent American patriots, want the third world war to explode! Not us, That's why we tell the world with our "No War Now" T-shirt.

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Model: OM

This sign originated from India represents the universal sound: the sound you can hear during deep meditations. It expresses a certain sensitivity towards spiritual consciousness. It can also express a passion for music.

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This model is a combination of the words "revolution" and "evolution" (it is also in French). It expresses the feeling of awareness that the world should rethink many of its behaviours in order not to keep going downhill on the environmental, social and cultural aspects as it evolves.

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Model: MoFo

This short word means a lot. It's the abbreviation of a certain expression that can be used in different circumstances: Calling someone a Mofo can be either bad or good, depending on the context.

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Model: No Shirt, No Service

As if I would take off this sublime T-shirt *

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Model: * The Star *

This is our logo. We don't print it on our shirts to say: "Human Visions Brand of Clothing". It's meant to say: "Human Vision's great ideology is here to awaken people' sensitivity on moral values and social phenomenons"

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