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This page informs you about all the events that Human Visions will or did participate to.

Good times at La Maisonnée
* Every Night*

You like a low key atmosphere with good music that's not too loud to hear yourself talk, La Maisonnée is the place to go. Every night is a good night. Tahe a break from your studies and come have a beer! Right next to Université de Montréal.

Tuesday nights: Karaoke,
Saturday: Jam Night !!!

Come see picutres of the Jam Nights at bar La Maisonnée
*** Follow this link***
" www.restobarlalmaisonnee.com "

La Maisonnée

5385, Gatineau avenue, Montreal
angle Lacombe St.
Métro Côte-des-Neiges

(514) 733-0412

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