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Human Visions is proud to promote local artists. We beleive that art is a form of expression and communication that makes the world look and sound a whole lot better.

If you are an artist and want to appear on this Web site, please contact us at: art@humanvisions.com

Listen to "Scared of Love"
Music & lyrics by :
Jude-Antoine Jarda

"Scared of Love"
Guitar & vocals :
Jude-Antoine Jarda
Second guitar : Pierre-Luc Lachance

To learn more about Jude-Antoine Jarda,

Human Visions Musical Suggestion

Rest Area - Rolling

The man behind this exquisit music is Patrice Dubuc. We present to you Rolling , Rest Area's must listen album.

CLICK HERE for Rest Area's website

Check out this original band :


Straight out of originality.
Visit their website...


Clic for Stephanie's Page

Stephanie Prest

Stephanie is a very active artist. She keeps coming up with new productions and is the organizer of many Montreal exhibits.

Clic for Elisabeth's Page

Elisabeth Hazell

This very talented artist comes from Nova Scotia.

Clic for Eva's Page


"From dark art to jewellery design... "

Visit Eva's site: http://civilcad.ca/eva.html

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"Colourful and abstract art"

Visit Leou's site: http://civilcad.ca/leou.html

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